Nassau County Implements 5 Year Testing

Please be advised that the Nassau County Fire Prevention Ordinance requires that fire sprinkler systems and combination fire sprinkler/standpipe systems have a functionality test performed on each Fire Department Connection (FDC) by a licensed contractor every five years. The Nassau County Fire Marshals Office has begun notifying building owners of this requirement.

The building owner can choose to have the functionality test done independently or, if you are performing alteration work in Nassau County, the County will allow the five year functionality test to take place at the same time as a final hydrostatic test. However, the functionality test must be registered and all associated fees must be paid at the same time.

The functionality test can be performed and is required whether the building owner has received a letter from the County or not.

Please take note that each fire department connection (FDC) must be tested and paid for separately, however buildings with multiple FDCs can list each FDC being tested on one application.

If you are testing a system that is not recognized in the Fire Marshals Office database, the Fire Marshals Office will allow you to register the system, provided that the system was installed before 1984, and proof of the system can be provided with any of the following documentation:

1. A Water Service bill
2. Building Department records
3. Insurance company proof

Once the functionality test passes, a 5 (five) year sprinkler permit will be issued to the owner.