Tim Bowe

Timothy Bowe is President and owner of Abco Peerless Sprinkler Corp. Abco Peerless Sprinkler Corp. specializes in the design, installation and service of fire sprinkler systems. Within Abco, Tim has had experience in every facet of his business, from hands on installation and service to sales, management and design.

In 2007, Tim became a prestigious Fellow of the Society of Fire Protection Engineers. He is also past President of the local SFPE chapter. Tim is also currently the President of the New York Fire Sprinkler Contractors Association, a current Board Member, Trade Board member and past President of the Mechanical Contractors Association of New York, and a member of the National Fire Sprinkler Association’s Engineering & Standards Committee.

In 1989, as a member of a Mechanical Contractors Association of New York committee, Tim’s work with representatives from the New York City Buildings Department, Fire Department and City Council led to the writing and passage of the New York City law licensing fire sprinkler contractors. He also worked successfully again with members of those same groups to strengthen life safety laws resulting in the passage of Local Law 10 in 1999 and Local Law 26 of 2004.

At the New York City Department of Buildings, Tim has served as a member of the Fire Protection Technical Committee Department of Buildings Model Code Program and participated in 1991 re-write of Reference Standards RS 17-1 and 17-2. He also participated in writing the reference standard for the installation of sprinklers in residential buildings six stories or less. Tim currently serves as a member of the Plumbing & Fire Suppression License Board.

Tim’s knowledge, experience and skill and have also been utilized by the New York City Fire Department. He served for several years on the now defunct FDNY Industry Advisory Board and for the past three years he has been on the committee to rewrite all of the FDNY Certificates of Fitness. Tim is also currently serving on the New York City Building Resiliency Task Force.

Tim is a graduate of Manhattan College’s Civil Engineering program. He has served as a mentor to engineering students. In 2008 Tim worked as an adjunct professor for his alma mater, developing and teaching a graduate level course in fire sprinkler layout and design.

NYFSCA President Timothy W. Bowe, PE, FSFPE